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Three-in-one Purple Light Disinfection Lamp Humidifier

Three-in-one Purple Light Disinfection Lamp Humidifier

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Design concept:
The sleek and full-bodied appearance gives us a lot of love, named 520 humidifier, which also shows that this product has large capacity and oblique spray function, which perfectly reflects the sense of use and gives users a good love.
Taking women as the leading consumer and love as the starting point, the combination of humidification and hydration, 520 gives love and functional power.

1.500mL large capacity, continuous spray for up to 20 hours
2. Inclined spray function, humidification and hydration
3. Automatic water detection function, anti-dry
4. Original design, patent protection
5. Silent and delicate humidification
6. Small fan, night light, humidification function three in one
7. Three colors are optional (red, pink, blue), using electroplating process, the appearance is more grade
8. UV light anti-virus inhibits bacterial growth  


Material: ABS+PP+PC+silicone
Working voltage: DC 5V
Working power consumption: 3W
Light: UV and white light
Water bottle capacity: 500ml
Spray amount: 35ml/hᄆ10
Power supply mode: USB direct supply (Micro interface)
Control mode: push button switch
Power cord length: 1 meter
Product weight: 240g
Product size: 107mm*99mm*196mm

Package Content:

1 x Lamp Humidifier 




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What's included

1 x Microneedling Pen

6 x Needle Cartridges

1 x English Manual

1 x USB Cable

1 x Storage Box 

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