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OnlyMyPlace™ Sonic Facial Massage Sculptor

OnlyMyPlace™ Sonic Facial Massage Sculptor

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Get an instant lift to your jawline and cheekbones with the OnlyMyPlace Sonic Sculptor. Do you sometimes wake up feeling puffy? Do you spend time looking in the gym mirrors wondering why their isn't a workout machine to tone your face? The Sonic Facial Sculptor from OnlyMyPlace, will lift, contour and leave your face looking more sculpted and more defined. Unlike other facial rollers and gua-shas and the market, the sonic facial sculptor is battery powered to deliver 6000 vibrations per minute to your face.

  • Lift & Sculpt Jawline
  • Lift & Sculpt Cheekbones
  • Improve absorption of serums
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Glowing Skin
  • Create the appearance of a slimmer more defined face

Heather after one week of use 

Relaxes & Reduces Stress:The diamond cut roller balls of the sculptor are designed to hug the contours of your face, stimulate blood flow. And deliver a relaxing massage to your face, perfect for anyone who grinds or clenches their teeth due to stress allowing you to unwind at the end of an intense day.




The Sonic Facial Sculptor delivers the microcurrents via two sculpted roller balls. The roller balls are sculpted in such a way to mimic the effect of a and also utilises two roller balls, specifically designed to mimic the simulation of a deep-kneading professional facial massage, this tool hugs every curve and contour of your face for a custom glow wherever you go. With prolonged use this will help to lift and contour your face.


When to Use it?

The Sonic Facial Sculptor can be incorporated into your skincare routine on a daily basis, conduct the treatment first thing in the morning before your morning skincare routine or the evening before carrying out your night routine. 


How to use it?

To experience the sonic vibrations, you will need to ensure that you have installed 1 AA battery needed in your Sonic Facial Sculptor.

Turn the Sonic Facial Sculptor on by twisting the bottom of the device to the left. Once on gently move up and outwards in one motion to achieve the lift and sculpt effect. Add to your skincare regime to maximize the results.

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What's included

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1 x English Manual

1 x USB Cable

1 x Storage Box 

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